Our Services

Our Services

JBA remains small enough to provide a personal touch when guiding our clients through every phase of their careers, yet we are skilled with expertise to maximize each player’s earnings and professional opportunities. We provide a variety of services to our clients from the very beginning of their playing career throughout their post playing careers.

Draft Advising
Contract and Arbitration
Sport Marketing
Financial and Legal Referrals
Charitable Ventures and Foundation Creation
Post playing Career JBA

Draft Advising

JBA’s approach to the draft is simple: we do our homework better than anyone else. JBA supports and advises the player throughout the entire draft process on all issues, including referrals for medical professionals, skill and mechanics instruction, financial planning, tax consequences, relocation matters, etc.

Contract And Arbitration

With over 30 years in the industry, JBA has successfully negotiated over $900 million worth of professional baseball contracts. Since 2011, JBA has negotiated over $400 million of new, guaranteed money for its clients. Employing a client-first mentality, JBA provides all of the options and discusses all of the risk/reward in a contract before turning the final decision over to the client. JBA navigates the Arbitration process by first understanding the motivations and desires of the player, we know when our players will become eligible and start early analysis to build a strategic case.

Sports Marketing

JBA has an aggressive approach and aim to influence, extend, and enhance our clients’ current marketing visibility through the use of creative and relevant associations. We use current contacts and continue to make new ones as we market our players to generate additional off the field income. Our players have been involved in a wide range of marketing opportunities on the national, regional and local level.

Financial & Legal Referrals

Referrals are a great way to promote business and we’ve been fortunate to make some life long business partnerships in both the financial and legal industries. As player’s careers move forward, the financial aspect can be intimidating, so a financial advisor is always an investment we suggest.

Charitable Ventures

We take great pride in different types of charitable missions here at JBA. It gives us even greater pride to help promote those foundations in which our clients are spearheading.

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Post Playing Career

With many players wanting to continue in the sports industry after their retirement, JBA has been successful assisting clients in their endeavors following their playing days. We’ve worked with clients on book deals, coaching/scouting opportunities, and broadcasting.

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